Shooting in January: Houston, Phoenix/Tucson, Cincinnati / by Abigail Ekue



I'm leaving on a jet plane again... 

HOUSTON January 4-5

PHOENIX/TUCSON January 19-21

CINCINNATI January 27-28


I'm shooting private commissions, portrait shoots, nude and for Bare MenI am also offering 60-min Mini shoots (usually only available in the NYC area) on these trips. And I will make time to work with women riders for my SHE Rides series. This personal project is fun and a great compliment to my work or client shoots. 


Right after the New Year, I'll be shooting in Houston... finally. My trip was originally set for September but Hurricane Harvey hit and I got injured. Some people are now ready to host shoots with me and I'm no longer hobbling around so let the shutter-clicking commence. It's a short trip, but I still have availability on the evening of January 4 and the morning of January 5. Yes, I have made an allowance for authentic Texas BBQ in my itinerary. 



And for the second time, my time in Phoenix is all but booked up already. Thank you! January 19, I can shoot that afternoon in Tucson and Saturday, January 20 still has slots open for shoots. I may not make it up to Sedona this time around, but at least the weather will be better and I can do some exploring on my own, check out Scottsdale, stuff like that. There are things I wanted to do during my summer visit but it simply was too hot to be out and about.


As I've said before, the majority of my travels are based on demand, and there's a demand in Cincinnati! I won't lie, part of me is looking forward to some 'winter travel'. I'm booked Saturday, January 27, morning and early afternoon but I do have time on January 28 for bookings. 


Contact me to set up your shoot! Houston, Phoenix (including Tucson and Sedona), and Cincinnati.  I book on a first-come, first-served basis.