'SHE Rides' Feature on Flavorwire / by Abigail Ekue

Inspiring Portrait Series ‘SHE Rides’ Captures Women on Motorcycles – Flavorwire.png


I started shooting SHE Rides in June. It's quickly become a passion project that I make time for. I've enjoyed meeting all the wonderful, strong, independent women, I've enjoyed the photography just for the fun of it. It was still something 'under the radar' so to speak, as the public was/is still very much interested in my nude photography. 

Ladies deserve the spotlight. Alison Nastasi of Flavorwire published images from SHE Rides along with a great introduction.

Check it out here: Inspiring Portrait Series 'SHE Rides' Captures Women on Motorcycles

I posted a poll on Twitter about what my next photography product should be - SHE Rides calendar and SHE Rides book options got the votes (I forgot to set the poll for longer than 24 hours and only got 2 votes, but that still says something! LOL)


Here's to the first blip from under the radar...



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