Abigail Ekue



  • 2018 (Upcoming) “Naturally Undone”, New York, NY
  • 2017 “Bare Men”, Artist of the Month, Erotic Heritage Museum, Las Vegas, NV
  • 2016 “Bare Men Pop-Up Exhibit”, The Living Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2009 “Man. Toy.”, The Body Archive Gallery, New York, NY


  • 2017 Bare Men: January to June (ebook)
  • 2016 Bare Men: The B Roll (ebook)
  • 2016 Bare Men, photography book (limited edition)


  • 2015 Autumnal Group Show; artHouse.nyc, SoHo, NY
  • 2015 “You’ve Got Mail!” Summer Show, Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • 2015 Body Collection; Exposure Award, Musée du Louvre, Paris, FR
  • 2014 See Me Takeover; Times Square, NY (See Me, LIC, NY)
  • 2013 Rising Waters 2.0; Museum of the City of New York, New York
  • 2013 Creatives Rising; See Me Exhibition Space, LIC, NY
  • 2013 The Story of the Creative; See Me, Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts, New York, NY


  • 2018 In a Personal Light: Issac by Abigail Ekue, Tye Briggs, Favorite Hunks & Other Things
  • 2017 “Inspiring Portrait Series 'SHE Rides' Captures Women on Motorcycles”, Alison Nastasi, Flavorwire
  • 2017 Op kruistocht met de camera (feature and spread), Wim Spijkers, Oh: Lekker voor vrouwen, Issue #10 (NL)
  • 2017 “An Interview with Abigail Ekue”, Erotic Review (UK)
  • 2017 “Abigail Ekue: Men Behaving Nakedly”, Erotic Review (UK)
  • 2017 “Bare Men Exhibit in Las Vegas : NSFW”, Queerguru
  • 2017 “Inside One Female Photographer's Mission to Normalize The Nude Male Body”, Priscilla Frank, The Huffington Post
  • 2017 “Revealing a Social Media Strategy for Erotic Art”, Artist Interview, Follow Magazine (AU)
  • 2017 “Abigail Ekue – The Female Gaze”, Itchy Silk
  • 2016 “27 Powerful Photo Stories That Captured Our Attention This Year”, Katherine Brooks, The Huffington Post
  • 2016 “Nackte Männer”, “Hinter den Kulissen” (interview and spread), Janina Gatzky, Séparée, No. 11 (DE)
  • 2016 “Las imperfecciones del cuerpo son el nuevo erotismo del detalle”, Julieta Sanguino, Cultura Colectiva (MX)
  • 2016 “Bare Men: Artist Captures Nude Men of All Ages, Shapes, and Sexuality in This Beautiful Photo Series”, Debiparna Chakraborty, Vagabomb (IN)
  • 2016 “Abigail Ekue’s Bare Men”, Queerguru
  • 2016 Exclusive Interview: Abigail Ekue, HUF Magazine, Issue 54
  • 2016 “A Woman Photographed 500 Naked Men To Normalize The Nude Male Body”,  Priscilla Frank, The Huffington Post
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  • 2016 “The Real Beauty of the Naked Male Body”, Vasilis Thanopoulos, Antivirus Magazine (GR)
  • 2016 “Photo-projects for the Equality of Male and Female Nudity”, CRoL (HR)
  • 2016 “These 15 Photos Celebrate Real Men in All Their Raw Glory”, Shalin Jacob, ScoopWhoop (IN)
  • 2016 “NSFW: See Images From “Bare Men”, a New Photo Book on Male Nudity (interview and gallery), Suzannah Weiss, PAPER
  • 2016 “Bare Men Fotografien von Abigail Ekue”, Feigenblatt, No. 30 - Scham (DE)
  • 2016 “New York : Abigail Ekue, Bare Men”, L’Oeil de la Photographie (FR)
  • 2016 “Subverting the Censorship of Male Nude Photography, Abigail Ekue Brings Bare Men to a Pop-Up Show”, Natalie P, WideWalls (CH)
  • 2016 “Bare Men” Photography Book by Abigail Ekue | NSFW Images”, Accidental Bear
  • 2016 “New Gallery! Abigail Ekue’s Bare Men”, GabiGirl, Naked Men Happy Women
  • 2015 “30 Days of Creativity: Abigail Ekue, Writer & Photographer”, Everup
  • 2015 “I’m Totally Into This Photo Series of Naked Men”, Lola Lovely, Erotic Scribes
  • 2015 “13 Vulnerable Photos of the Most Average Naked Men You’ll Ever See”, Christine Schoenwald, Your Tango
  • 2015 “12 Honest, Vulnerable (NSFW) Photos of Naked Men”, Sara Coughlin, Refinery29
  • 2015 “The Intimacy of the Male Nude – The Bare Men Series by Abigail Ekue”, Provoke! (NSFW), Angie Koridc, WideWalls (CH)
  • 2014 “Abigail Ekue: Bare Men”, Erotic Review
  • 2014 “Bare Men”, Mouth&Mouth Magazine
  • 2012 Featured Photographer: Abigail Ekue, Dead Dear
  • 2009 “The Dildo: A Photo Exhibit”, Parle Magazine


  • 2016 Sexpert w/ Mia Renee podcast
  • 2016 W Semana, W Radio Colombia
  • 2016 The Filmmakers Show, Madhouse TV


  • 2017 “Diamante embraces past, looks forward to future” (photo credit), Bryan Fonseca, Brooklyn Downtown Star
  • 2016 "10 NYC-Based Latino Artists to Know" (photo credit), Joan de Jesus, Culture Trip
  • 2016 “Bare Men” (spread), Math Magazine, Issue Three
  • 2016 The Naked and the Lens, Second Edition: A Guide for Nude PhotographyLou Benjamin, Focal Press
  • 2014 Succulent SexCraft: Your Hands-On Guide to Erotic Play and Practice, Sheri Winston, Mango Garden Press
  • 2014 “Bare Men” (spread), Pleasurez Erotic Magazine, Fall 2014 Issue
  • 2014 “Meet Abigail Ekue our first female photographer”, Featured Photographer (spread), GoNaked Magazine, November 2014 Issue
  • 2013 “Talk to Me About Shame” (photo credit), Chris Corbo, Time Out New York
  • 2012 “In Sandy’s Wake, Some Restaurants Suffer Mounting Losses, While Others Prosper” (photo credit), Ann Binlot, BlouinArtinfo.com
  • 2012 “Scenes from After Sandy: Food Folks Keep Serving, Help Out” (photo credit), Serious Eats Team, Serious Eats
  • 2012 “Go Hard”, Corset Magazine, Issue #4 – Kink & BDSM
  • 2011 “The Sensual Tableau Vivant”, Abby Wilcox, Live FAST Magazine
  • 2010 Moregasm: Babeland's Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex (featured model), Rachel Venning, Claire Cavannah
  • 2010 Portraits of Eve: Women of Color Share Their Body/Soul Conversations (cover model, featured model), Herb Way
  • 2009 The Naked and the Lens: A Guide to Nude Photography (featured model), Lou Benjamin


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