[UPDATED]Shooting in June: Phoenix, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City / by Abigail Ekue


I'm leaving on a jet plane again (no worries, I don't fly United).


In June, I'll be shooting out West. I'm a city girl and the craving for nature and the opposite of man-made structures is strong. 


I'm shooting private commissions, portrait shoots, nude and for Bare Men.


My time in Phoenix is all but booked up already. Thank you! I hope to have some free time to explore on my own, wipe the sweat from my brow in dramatic fashion, get goosebumps watching the sunset, see a Shaman in Sedona, be someone's backseat rider on their cruiser or touring bike...


There have been people who've expressed interest in Las Vegas and Salt Lake but nothing's been confirmed (and to the jerk who keeps contacting me for a 'body rub' when I'm in Salt Lake, NO!). I'll let you know if I postpone or cancel the trips. Although Las Vegas, whether or not I'm shooting, will happen because you know I love that town!

UPDATE: Las Vegas will happen July 15 -18. I haven't had time to update the graphic, but I'll make a new one when it's 'officially' summer time. 


Contact me to set up your shoot! Phoenix (including Tucson and Sedona), Las Vegas (North Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Red Rock) and Salt Lake City.