Erotic Heritage Museum Presents Bare Men / by Abigail Ekue

"Pierced", Bare Men by Abigail Ekue Photography

"Pierced", Bare Men by Abigail Ekue Photography


This summer - June 1 to July 31 - Bare Men will be exhibited at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas!


I sat on this news for almost a YEAR. I received word from the Erotic Heritage Museum curator in May 2016 that I'd be the 'Artist of the Month' at the museum -- and my work would be exhibited for 2 months!!


I didn't stress and worry about making the photo selections, getting the prints, matted, framed and shipped to Las Vegas. I simply knew it would happen. And it did. In July, I will make a trip to Vegas to see my work on display. This is my first exhibit outside of New York. This is the first exhibit of my work that I didn't have to organize myself. It feels great.

Five years of hard work as brought me to this point.


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