Bare Men included in The Huffington Post year-end Round-up / by Abigail Ekue


I captured your attention?


Fellow photographer, Erica Mueller, broke the news to me. I'd noticed an uptick in website traffic coming from The Huffington Post but I assumed it was from the August feature about Bare Men.


Turns out I was included amongst 26 other photographers whose photography garnered attention and told the stories of the less or underrepresented this year.


27 Powerful Photo Stories That Captured Our Attention This Year | The Huffington Post


I was (and still am) thrilled! Going through the list, I remembered viewing many of the other photo series online. The wonderful collection of work also may have sparked my self-portrait bug again...


What a way to end 2016 (or begin 2017 since that's when I learned of it)!



*   *   *