#AbbieSnapsPhotos Summer Special / by Abigail Ekue


The #AbbieSnapsPhotos deal worked for many people, but the date didn't. So I am offering the $330 deal for the rest of the summer! 75 minutes, on-location, 12 photos.


To secure this shoot a deposit of $175 is required. Book Now and shoot later!


The portrait, personality, and editorial shoots are open to any one -- artist, entrepreneur, athlete, fitness professional, nudist, naturist who needs new branding images or anyone who wants professional photos of themselves.

Whatever we can create in an hour and 15 minutes is a-go!

Here are the details:

How much?

$330 USD

What do I get?

12 high-res images (images suitable for getting prints up to 11 x 17 in). Images will be delivered no later than a week after your shoot.

How long is my shoot?

1 hour and 15 minutes

How do I book?

Click here to select a time slot. Or if you'd like to book but aren't yet sure on a date, you can send me a message.  A $175 deposit is required to secure your booking (a booking is confirmed once you've selected a time slot and paid the deposit).

Where are we shooting?

Shoots will take place at your indoor location or an agreed upon outdoor location. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I'm looking forward to creating with you!